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Heroic Hands Woodworks LLC

Police K9 Thin Blue Line Flag Patch Series : Photo Faded In Union

Police K9 Thin Blue Line Flag Patch Series : Photo Faded In Union

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One of the most beautiful ways to capture a K9's Police Service! I can fade a photo of your hero into the stars which makes this so unique and customized - the only one in the world currently able to pull this off!

This color scheme is my Midnight Series. It Features pitch black stripes, multicolor silver stripes, and a single multi-color Thin Blue Line:

Unlike my competitors, I dress each piece in a permanent epoxy finish with micropigments. This ensures maximum durability and a shimmer that will last a lifetime. All flags include a french-cleat mounting hardware system that includes a bubble level and screws.

**After purchase, please email me a photo that you want blended into the union area, the K9's name, a picture of your badge/patch of choice, and your order number -**

I'm an expert at creating custom pieces of art for Police, Military and Fire. I can incorporate all of your fine details, unit patches, MOS related themes, and plaques. I am the most experienced flag builder in the country, and I would love nothing more than to tell your loved one's story through a tangible piece of art. As a prior service Army medic, I know what it's like to take care of our own. For custom orders, please send me a message and we can talk over the details. ~Zachary

Can be altered with a coin holder slots, outfitted as a concealment case, a light install, and much more! PM me for personalization.

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