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Heroic Hands Woodworks LLC

"Revenant Series" - American Flag

"Revenant Series" - American Flag

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The Revenant Series - The newest color scheme lineup.

This flag features a black union, golden stars, golden stripes with woodgrain bleeding through, and a deep wavy red.

It's also my personal favorite out of 15+ different color schemes I've created.

Unlike my competitors, I dress each piece in a permanent epoxy finish with micropigments. This ensures maximum durability and a shimmer that will last a lifetime. All flags include a french-cleat mounting hardware system that includes a bubble level and screws. You can also watch the pour LIVE from my facebook page:

Can be altered with a custom photo in the union, coin holder slots, outfitted as a concealment case, a light install, and much more! PM me for personalization. I'm an expert in military and first responder creations and have over 10,000 pieces of experience.

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