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Heroic Hands Woodworks LLC

RN Nurse Patch Series - American Flag

RN Nurse Patch Series - American Flag

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Experience the symbol of freedom like never before! My best selling - Nurse RN - Patch Series American Flag!

This stunning piece of art features diagonally darkened red stripes, hand-burned wooden stripes, a rich multi-color union blue. A silver caduceus is suspended in a hand-carved blowout to appear as if it's floating.

Unlike my competitors, I dress each flag in a permanent epoxy finish with metallics and micropigments. This ensures maximum durability, and a shimmer that will last a lifetime. You can also watch your piece get poured - LIVE on my facebook page:

8 years of professional flag & concealment case experience, packed into one beautiful flag. This Nurse flag is the highest quality flag you will find on the internet.

I'm an expert at creating custom pieces of art for first responders, military, police, and firefighters. I can incorporate all of your fine details - unit patches, MOS related themes, and plaques. I am the most experienced flag builder in the country with over 10,000+ pieces of experience, and I would love nothing more than to tell your story through a tangible piece of art. As a prior service Army medic, I know what it's like to take care of our own. For custom orders, please send me a message. I'd love to meet you & talk over the details. ~Zachary

All flags include a french-cleat mounting hardware system that includes a bubble level and screws - (No studs needed)

Can be altered with a custom photo in the union, coin holder slots, outfitted as a concealment case, a light install, and much more! PM me for personalization.

12", 24", 32", 3', 4' and 5' sizes available.

Want to add a different badge in the blowout? Shoot me a message for other variants!

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