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Heroic Hands Woodworks LLC

4' AR Platform Concealment Case *AVAILABLE*

4' AR Platform Concealment Case *AVAILABLE*

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Concealment cases are the ultimate way to hide your weapons with style, all while keeping them close by when you need them the most. I build my concealment cases to last by using the highest quality materials. Operation of the case is rather simple. Enter the 4-8 digit pin on the remote to unlock the case. Push upwards on the bottom of the case to release the concealed weapons box. When you're finished grabbing your weapons, the box can easily be lifted back into the case where it will automatically lock. All concealment cases come outfitted with black kaizen foam and a kaizen knife for carving weapons.

4' Base Price: $1000- (AR Platform) This size case can hold two AR's and a few handguns comfortably and comes standard with a dual locking mechanism + spring assist. (This is my most commonly ordered platform for it's size and versatility.)

This exact V2.0 Colonial Series is available.


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